Below is the 2016-2017 Program of Work.  All competitions are due February 15, 2017 (except Early Bird Challenge).  All submission forms are created as a form in Microsoft Word.  Open the form, complete it, save it to your computer, then upload it using the link under each competition.  When saving the forms, please title them with the Competition Name and Chapter Name (for example:  FUNance ABC High School).

Career Development Committee
 Communicate, Connect, Celebrate!  FUNance  Golden Goals
Communicate, Connect, Celebrate Competition Flyer
 FUNance Competition Flyer  Golden Goals Competition Flyer
 Submission Form
 Submission Form

Community Outreach and Engagement Committee
 Community Unity Make Money, Make Progress  Making Connections
Community Unity Competition Flyer
 Make Money, Make Progress Competition Flyer Making Connections Competition Flyer
 Submission Form
 Submission Form  Submission Form

Membership Services Committee
 Early Bird Challenge Membership Achievement  Creativity Challenge 
 Early Bird Competition Flyer    Creativity Challenge Competition Flyer
October 15, 2016
 Submission Form

Executive Challenge Committee
Executive Challenge Flyer

 Media Madness Challenge  Need 2 Network Mystery History 
 Description  Description
Please note that the number of LinkedIn contacts has changed from 75 to 10 effective 10/9/16
 Submission Form
 Submission Form
 Submission Form