State Parliamentarian

Brian Suk

Hello FBLA members, and welcome back!

As we gear up for another exciting year of FBLA, here are just some quick tips on Parliamentary Procedure.

As you may know, Parliamentary Procedure is the body of rules governing over members of an organization during business meetings. Learning Parliamentary Procedure can be beneficial to all the members of the organization, as it creates an orderly atmosphere where everyone can have equal say and speak their opinions on a particular topic. In a meeting, there is the chair who remains neutral and keeps order during meetings, and members who make motions and speak/ vote on certain topics by being recognized by the chair.

In Parliamentary Procedure, decisions are made based on votes on motions. Some motions may require a majority vote, and some may require a ⅔ vote. If a motion receives the required number of votes, the motion passes, and the organization must act upon whatever the motion states.

Lastly, motions have a ranking hierarchy from lowest to highest of main, subsidiary, and privileged motions. Motions must be made from lowest ranking to highest ranking motions, but when voting on motions, you must go in reverse order from highest to lowest ranking motions.

Hopefully, these tips were helpful, and I am looking forward to another great year of NYS FBLA.

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