State Treasurer

Phoebe Weiser

In my article in the New York State Express’s Summer Edition I discussed many different fundraising techniques to be used by chapters for the coming year. This month I have an additional tip for chapter treasurers. The Mamaroneck Chapter has historically done a highly profitable fundraiser called Gertrude Hawk (a chocolate company). In short, students get a catalog with all different types of chocolates. Whatever they sell they make half of the profits towards their trips. Many students in the Mamaroneck Chapter fully fund all of their trips through Gertrude Hawk.

Two other additional measures taken to fundraise by the Mamaroneck Chapter is the selling of sour power. Students purchase one box of around 25 sour power and sell each individual one for 50 cents. Typically members make 10-15 dollars per box, which they can save to go towards trips. Lastly, Mamaroneck runs an after school store to sell snacks, and members who work in the store make an hourly wage and use their money made to finance their trips.

I hope learning about what one chapter in our state does successfully will motivate many morechapters to be creative about how to fundraise!

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