District 12

Ann Wang

District 12 Newsletter – Fall Edition

Hello District 12! I hope you all have had a wonderful past month!

It was great being able to see everyone at the Spring District Meeting on January 27, 2018! Congratulations again to all of our competitors, of whom the top two will advance to the State
Leadership Conference for the State Elimination competitive events. Results for Future Business Leader, Parliamentary Procedure, and the State Officer Exam are released after all the Spring District Meetings have been held and exams scored.

All chapters are encouraged to submit articles and photos of chapter activities for the District 12 Newsletter by emailing me by March 1 at svp12@nysfbla.org with the appropriate attachments. In addition, I would love to see more District 12 photos included in our State Slideshow at the State Leadership Conference; please forward your photos to our State Historian at historian@nysfbla.org.

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope to see you all soon in Binghamton!

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