State EVP

Nicolena Vega

Hello, New York State FBLA. As your school year comes to a start, so does our FBLA season. This means planning your first chapter meeting and implementing any recruitment strategies you may have come up with in advance! One challenge many chapters seem to face is retaining their new members. A great way to keep your membership interested is to show them pictures and videos from previous events your FBLA chapter has participated in. You may also want to introduce the Fall District Meeting to your chapter as soon as possible. Getting new members to attend your district’s FDM is a perfect way to spark their interest in the organization! The Fall District Meeting consists of keynote speakers, workshops and activities that link
business, education and fun to each member. However, throughout the year, be sure to involve your chapter in activities aside from the State and National Conferences. Volunteering in your community is a great way to maintain member participation since you are not only providing an outlet for students to improve their community, but you are also providing them with the
community service hours that many students seek before they graduate high school. Lastly, when all is said and done, many do enjoy organizations and clubs that recognize each student’s worth. Remember to stay positive with your team and not take any person for granted. After all, we are all here because we are Future Business Leaders of America!

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