State Officers


Meet the State Officers

President:  Gillian Mathews

Greetings New York State FBLA members and advisers, my name is Gillian Mathews, your State President. On behalf of the entire State Officer Team, I’m excited to welcome you to the 2017-2018 membership year!

As we begin the new year, it is time for all members to “Build Your Bridge to Success”. The State Officer Team has been working hard to create one of the best years New York FBLA has ever seen. We are dedicated to helping New York set achievable goals, give back to our state charity, Feeding America, and network with members from across the state. Together, we can pave the way for leadership by strengthening our membership, community outreach and engagement, and career development. However, in order for our programs and state to be successful overall we need your help. Each and every member of New York State FBLA is here with the passion to explore the opportunities this organization has to offer and lead our state to achieve great things.

FBLA has been an extremely important part of my life for the past four years. I have had the opportunity to travel to amazing new places, meet and connect with new people from across the nation and even compete and campaign at regional, state and national levels. I urge you all to work towards contributing to our great organization. I wish you the best of luck for another successful year!

On behalf of the 2017-2018 State Officer Team, I hope your hard work drives you towards accomplishing your goals. I look forward to seeing our membership grow and our existing members develop into business leaders of tomorrow. Let’s make this a year to remember!


Executive Vice President:  Nicolena Vega

Hello, New York State FBLA! My name is Nicolena Vega and I am your Executive Vice President for the 2017-2018 year. I am a senior at Monroe-Woodbury High School and I have been an active member of the organization since the start of my freshman year. I served as my chapter’s EVP, as District 3N’s Historian last year and I am eager to be your EVP. I have been a member of FBLA starting my freshman year, along with Varsity Track & Field and Model UN. Unfortunately my middle school did not offer FBLA Middle Level. I would have loved to have more time to learn about leadership, network, and gain even more communication skills. With that being said, I would love for New York State to activate more middle level chapters, giving students more time to grow into the Future Business Leaders of America that each member is proud to be.



State Vice President District 2:  Phillip Sol

My name is Phillip Sol, and I will be a senior at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School next year. I am going to serve as the District 2 Vice President for the upcoming school year. I am immensely eager to be in the State Officer Team so I can explore FBLA and get more members involved with FBLA from my district.  I first found out about this club in the summer of my freshman year and I joined my school’s chapter during my sophomore year. Currently, I am the President of my Chapter.

Outside of FBLA, I am active in my school. Currently, I am involved in Key Club, Math Team, Robotics Team, Leaders, and SPARKS. In my community, I frequently volunteer at places like food kitchens, nursing homes, and libraries. Also, I am involved in a leadership organization called Social Impact Leadership Academy. I enjoy making an impact in my community because I love to see people jolly because it motivates me to work harder.  My goal for the upcoming school year is to recruit more schools for my District 2, get my District chapters to be more active in the community and form a stronger bond between the chapters in District 2. I plan on achieving a good number of chapters and winning some competitions next year.



State Vice President District 3N:  Aidan Mentnech

My name is Aidan Mentnech and I will be serving as the New York State FBLA District 3N State Vice President for the 2017-2018 year. I am a junior at Tri-Valley Secondary School and am very excited to serve on this year’s state officer team. I have been in FBLA since the eighth grade and I have loved it ever since. Since my first year, I have been extremely active, serving as treasurer for Junior FBLA, attending conferences, competing, serving on state councils, and participating in community service.

Besides FBLA, I participate in varsity soccer, indoor soccer, indoor track and field, and outdoor track and field. I am also the president of the National Junior Honor Society, as well as a member of band and chorus.

Although I involve myself in a lot, FBLA has always kept its place close to my heart and has remained as one of my top priorities. As I look at this upcoming year, I have big plans for District 3N and all of New York State. I have very high hopes for this year’s state officer team and cannot wait to help every member in building their bridge to success!



State Vice President District 3S:  Chloe Weiser

Greetings New York State! My name is Chloe Weiser. I am serving as the State Vice President for District 3S for the 2017-2018 school year! I am looking forward to see what the future holds for both our district and New York State as a whole.

Outside of FBLA I have been an active member of student government serving as vice president Freshman and Sophomore year and a representative for my grade junior and senior years. I am also a member of the National Honors Society. Additionally, I am part of the original science research program at my high school. Through this program I have had the opportunity to do research on cochlear implants for the past two summers at Columbia University. Outside of School, I am a competitive figure skater. I have been ice skating since I was three years old. I also teach kids ages three through ten how to ice skate both in group and one-on-one lessons, and I volunteer at a local rink where I teach special needs children and adults how to ice skate. Additionally, I have been playing the flute for the past nine years. I am a member of both a flute ensemble and a flute choir.

One goal I am looking forward to implementing in the coming year is to plan a trip for District 3S to see the march of dimes headquarters. I am also excited to create a District 3S snapchat account, so that members across the district can stay up to date on what other chapters are doing. I am looking forward to a successful year for District 3S and New York State FBLA as a whole!



State Vice President District 4:  Marigrace Gerhardt

My name is Marigrace Gerhardt and this year I will be serving as New York State’s District 4 Vice President. I am a senior at Cobleskill-Richmondville High school and I’ve been in FBLA since my freshmen year. Over the years, I have become very dedicated to FBLA and very active within my own chapter. I have held local positions such as my chapter’s Parliamentarian, Vice President, and President.

In addition to FBLA, I am aso involved in many extracurricular activities. I play on my school’s varsity volleyball team, a club volleyball team and my school’s varsity indoor and outdoor track and field teams. I am also a member of my school’s National Honors Society and I am a tutor in a peer tutoring program within my school.

I am very excited to be on the state officer team and I am looking forward to working with my district this year. This is a great opportunity and I am thrilled to be apart of this organization and serve my district in the upcoming year.



State Vice President District 7:  Alexis Venettozzi

My name is Alexis Venettozzi and I am a junior at Little Falls High School. I am very excited to be serving as your 2017-2018  State Vice President for District 7. I have been involved in FBLA since 6th grade and I have been an active participant every year since joining. FBLA has been instrumental in developing the strong leadership skills I have today and it has also added to my overall character. It has given me the opportunity to learn many things about business and to also meet great people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I have used the leadership skills that I have aquired over the years to serve in district office as your Herkimer County Representative. I have also served my personal chapter in various leadership roles such as treasurer, vice president, and now as president.

Other than FBLA I run for my school’s varsity cross country, indoor and outdoor varsity track and field teams. I am also a member of many different clubs in my school; student government, drama club, interact club, and library club. I have also taken an entrepreneurship class at MVCC called YES which is a class for young entrepreneurs who got to develop their own actual prototype and market it to investors. All of these things have helped me to become a stronger leader and develop my business skills.

As far as my personal life goals I aspire to go to college for international business or political science. I would like to either become a businesswoman and work with international franchises with relations between all of the stores involved or be an ambassador for the US. Being in FBLA has helped me realize what I wanted to go to school for, through workshops and the people I was able to talk to during things like the SLC’s and NFLC’s.

I am proud to be to able to continue my FBLA experience as this year’s District 7 SVP. I want to be able to get to know District 7 and be able to work together on projects this year! I’m excited to see what District 7 and I can accomplish together this year and I look forward to a new and successful year with you!



State Vice President District 12:  Ann Wang

My name is Ann Wang, and I’m a senior at Williamsville East High School. I’m both excited and honored to serve as your District 12 State Vice President! This is my fourth year of FBLA, and in addition to attending and placing at both state and national leadership conferences, I’ve served in numerous leadership roles at both the chapter and district levels. This year, in addition to serving as your District 12 State Vice President, I will also be serving as the president of my chapter. By learning from my experiences, I will do my best to strengthen communication within the district to make FBLA more connected, create a District 12 Resource Library, and increase unity within the district through community service.

If you have any questions or concerns (or just want to say hey), feel free to send me a message at I’m excited to see where we can lead our state, and I can’t wait to get to know you all better!



State Vice President District 13:  Emily Johnson

Hello. I am Emily Johnson, your District 13 Vice President. I am a Junior at Falconer Central School. FBLA has been a part of my life, well, my whole life. I have been an active member since sixth grade. In that time, I have attended four State Leadership Conference and placed 5th in Digital Video Production, 4th in FBLA Principles and Procedures, and 2nd in the American Enterprise Project. This year, I am not only serving as your Vice President, but I am also excited to serve my local chapter as President.

In addition to FBLA, I am a senior level dancer at Expressions Performing Arts Center. March to May I shoot trap for the school team. When I have free time, I enjoy hanging out with my family watching movies, playing cards, and swimming.

This year, I will be continuing monthly surveys. So be sure to check out my page each month. I look forward to receiving your feedback. I hope these surveys will allow for our district to have the best year yet.

I am looking forward to working with all of the chapters throughout District 13 this year. Let’s make the 2017-2018 year a valuable one. Please email me with any questions you may have at I will do my best to answer within 24 hours.



Secretary:  Madeleine MacLean

Greetings FBLA members! My name is Madeleine MacLean, and I’m your 2017-2018 secretary. I’m a senior at Williamsville East High School, and this is my fourth year in FBLA. FBLA has given me invaluable skills and experiences that have shaped who I am today, and I will work hard to provide others with the same great experience I’ve had as a member of this organization.

I’m so excited for another great year of FBLA! I want this year to be the most successful one yet with strong communication between local chapters and the state chapter and more members seizing opportunities to get involved in BAA’s, Programs of Work, and state councils. I’d also like to create more networking opportunities for members and to increase New York’s success at the National Leadership Conference.

I look forward to getting to know more of you this year! Please contact me at with any ideas, suggestions, or comments to make our state chapter the best possible!



Treasurer:  Phoebe Weiser

My name is Phoebe Weiser, and I will be serving as the State Treasurer for 2017-2018. I am a senior at Mamaroneck High School in District 3S. I joined FBLA as a freshman, but I had no idea the amazing journey it would take me on. Since my first day in the club, I have grown in so many ways including in my leadership, organization and public speaking skills to name a few. Since then, I have served in various leadership positions on the chapter and district level, as well as on two state councils and the Eastern Region Vice President’s Council. Since joining, I have attended many of the conferences.

As a beneficiary of the new NYS councils, one of my main goals is to create a Treasurer’s Council. Through this initiative, we can develop a system to communicate with individual chapter and district treasurers across the state. The council would brainstorm, share and collaborate on fundraising ideas. I would also like to start a sponsorship program that will link our organization with local businesses to raise funds for the NYS FBLA Foundation, and ultimately lower NLC costs for members.

Outside of FBLA, I am very passionate about yearbook and will be one of my school’s Editors-in-Chief for next year. Additionally, I have been an active member of my school’s Math Team since I was a freshman, and I will be serving as Co-President for next year. I have been on student government for the past four years. I am also a member of my school’s chapter of the National Honors Society and will be a Caprice Advisor for the incoming freshmen class. Outside of school I work at Zaniac, an innovative center to teach children STEM disciplines. I tutor local children in math, practice yoga, and have been playing classical piano for the past eleven years.

I have loved every minute of my FBLA journey so far, and I cannot wait to continue it as a member of the state officer team! I am looking forward to serving as your New York State Treasurer, to help grow our success!



Reporter:  Maggie Bernstein

Hello New York FBLA, and I hope you’re having a great start to the beginning of the 2017-2018 year. My name is Maggie Bernstein, and I will be serving as your State Reporter. My past positions include Chapter Historian, Chapter President, and District Reporter.

At SLC I have placed 1st in Graphic Design (2016), 4th in EBI (2016), 2nd in Entrepreneurship (2017) and 5th in Graphic Design (2017).

Outside of FBLA, I am involved in schools activities such as my class clubs, newspaper, and Mathletes. I also run Winter and Spring Track within my school.

One of my goals for the year is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to submit articles to be included in the Express. This will be done by the use of Google Forms, and will allow members to quickly submit information about their chapter. I also want to create Chapter Spotlights to highlight the activities of some of the most active chapters.

I am so excited to bring new life to the Express this year, and hope that you will help contribute! Any questions, concerns, or ideas can be emailed to me at Thank you all, and I look forward to a wonderful year.



Historian:  Jordan Richheimer

Hello NYS FBLA! My name is Jordan Richheimer and I’ll be serving as your 2017-2018 State Historian! I am currently a junior at Williamsville East High School in District 12. My FBLA experiences began back when I was a freshman, where I placed both 3rd in Digital Video Production and Website Design at the 2016 SLC in Rochester. After having attended only my first State conference, I was instantly hooked with FBLA! The experience of being able to compete in an event and ultimately win is a amazing feeling and certainly one that FBLA has given me many opportunities to experience at this point. In addition to my duties as State Historian, I’ll also be serving as one of my chapters’ Co-Vice Presidents.

Throughout the past few years, I’ve developed a large interest in media creation (photography, video production, and graphic design). I am very excited to be able to apply my skillset to our State chapter through means of high-quality videos and slideshows of the various activities that we participate in right here in the Empire State!

Outside of FBLA, I am an active member of Stage Crew as well as Mock Trial at my school. I also have a large interest in technology, which I demonstrate on my personal YouTube channel called “Tech Today”.

I can’t wait to serve as your new Historian, and to ensure that I can complete my duties effectively, be sure to take pictures of any activities that your chapter may take part in for the slideshows that’ll be shown at the upcoming SLC in Binghamton! Thank you!



Parliamentarian:  Brian Suk

My name is Brian Suk, and I am serving as the Parliamentarian. I am 17 years old, and going into my senior year at Williamsville East High school. I was born in Illinois, and have lived most of my life in Indiana, as well as Korea. I moved to NY in 8th grade, and my hobbies include basketball and music. I have been a part of FBLA for 3 years, and have also served as the chapter secretary. At school, I am involved in newspaper club, debate club, model UN, and math club. I am also on the varsity basketball team and concert band.

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