Daniel Willis
Monroe-Woodbury High School

January Update


In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of FBLA-PBL, NYS FBLA has created a special award – the Hamden L. Forkner Leadership Award. This is a one-time award for this year only.

As Hamden L. Forkner said “In the eyes of our students lies the truest monument of tomorrow’s history” It has always been true that the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow. Making sure the future is bright is to make sure the youth of today have the proper education and leadership experiences to provide them with the spark that will ignite their interest and unlock their potential. When Hamden L. Forkner created the Future Business Leaders of America, it became an avenue for students to gain leadership skills and use those skills to benefit their schools and communities. Throughout FBLA’s 75 year history, members have continued to raise the bar for what the definition of success is for the American young adult. Advisors have always been there to help and foster the desire in our members to learn. The bonds that the advisor creates with their members are the roots that help members stay on track and goal focused. In our 75th year it is important to reflect on what has made FBLA so great throughout the years - our outstanding members and advisors!

Developed by the Public Relations Council of the State Officer Team’s Community Outreach and Engagement Committee, the award will be presented to one outstanding student and one outstanding advisor selected by a committee from all applications received by March 24, 2017.

The application process is simple (please see the application form and award description which is located on the state website homepage at www.nysfbla.org).     


With both members and advisors eligible for this award, it is meant to showcase not only involvement and achievement within FBLA-PBL, but outside of FBLA-PBL - within the community. The impact that FBLA-PBL members and advisors have has rippled way beyond chapter meetings.

Individuals must be nominated for this award by anyone other than the candidate (so by the chapter advisor, a fellow member, a teacher, etc.).

To be eligible:

• A member nominee must be a dues-paid and involved member for at least one year.

• An advisor nominee must be an active advisor for at least one year.

• All nominees must show exceptional dedication and provide outstanding leadership and service to FBLA-PBL and to their community.


• Nominations must be submitted by March 24, 2017 via upload to


• List and describe the candidate’s leadership positions held within FBLA-PBL, and explain how these roles have helped them improve their leadership skills.

• List and describe the candidate’s other involvement in FBLA-PBL.

• List all awards and recognition the candidate has received as a member of FBLA, PBL, and/or Professional Division.

• List and describe the candidate’s involvement with other school and community organizations and how the skills they have learned through FBLA-PBL have assisted them in their work with these organizations.

• Please write an essay of 200 words or less explaining why the candidate should receive this award.